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The Asian design philosophy and architectural style easily makes Avida Towers San Lazaro stand out from the many condominium buildings in San Lazaro, Metro Manila. Thus, the developers made sure to incorporate only the highest quality, world-class facilities and amenities that would afford modern convenience to the future condo unit owners. There are two general classifications for the amenities available at this condominium development: the community amenities and the tower amenities.

For the community amenities, you can find the Clubhouse, which also serves as the central amenity area at Avida Towers San Lazaro. The Clubhouse itself features a relaxing and Zen-like Asian design that offers the ultimate relaxation for those seeking it. This is also the ideal place to go to if you want to enjoy a relaxing drink or to socialize with other unit residents. 

There are also two types of swimming pool available at the central amenity area: one is for adults and the other one is for children. Hence, all residents (no matter what the age) can enjoy the swimming facilities so you can cool off and relax during the hot summer days. Aside from the swimming pool, there are also playground facilities available for children. It is rare to have this luxury for your kids especially if you live in the middle of the city. However, Avida Land made sure to include this to provide your kids the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Aside from the playground, there is also a play area for the adults in the form of the full sized basketball court. This outdoor basketball court can be used for any purpose you suit so you can stay active and maintain your fitness. 

For the tower amenities, the main lobby is the main feature available at Avida Towers San Lazaro. The lobby for each of the five towers features a modern architectural design that also fits into the Asian theme. Hence, you can welcome your guests in with an elegant space, while also providing a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle that you get to enjoy in this condominium. The lobby is also operated by staff that is available to attend to your needs and concerns. 

In addition, each tower is serviced by two elevator units. This makes it convenient when going in or out of your unit. And speaking of convenience, all five towers at Avida Towers San Lazaro are equipped with emergency power source. In the event of a blackout, there will be an adequate power supply to support the common areas and facilities of the tower. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are a few more tower facilities that make your life even better or convenient. These facilities include a drying cage for each unit, designated mailbox, garbage chute, and telephone and cable lines from your own choice of service provider. There is also a provision for a split type air conditioning for each unit. 

All of the above mentioned facilities and amenities are designed to give you a life of convenience. However, nothing beats the 24-hour security that is available in all five towers. There are roving security personnel and a security guard at the lobby to ensure the safety and security of all residents.

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