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The location of Avida Towers San Lazaro was one of the highlights of this new development. It is quite rare to find such an expansive condominium complex in an already densely populated area of Metro Manila. However, living in this condominium wouldn’t make you feel like the area is densely populated at all, or that it is even in the middle of the city. But that is the beauty of it – you will get to enjoy your blissful and relaxed lifestyle while enjoying the accessibility and convenience of its location. 

Avida Towers San Lazaro is located in Lacson St., San Lazaro in Metro Manila. San Lazaro is located on the northern part of Metro Manila. It is part of the city district of Santa Cruz, which is near the University Belt area. For this reason, San Lazaro is located close to several key landmarks in the city of Manila, which makes it an ideal place to live in for business or young professionals who want to save time on their daily commute to and from work. 

First and foremost, the ideal location of this condominium complex places it close to several key landmarks in the Metro Manila area. These landmarks include The Archdiocesan Shrine of Espiritu Santo, head office for the Department of Health, Manila City Hall, and the Malacañang Palace! 

For those who decide to move into this condominium with their families, you will find that there are plenty of schools to choose from within the nearby area. Some of the top schools that are within a few minutes away from the location of this development are University of Santo Tomas, University of the East, San Beda College, Mapua Institute of Technology, and Far Eastern University. As mentioned above, San Lazaro is located close to the University Belt area, which is why there are plenty of universities nearby.

In case you need any medical or health care needs, you shouldn’t worry as there are several hospitals nearby as well. There are some world-class health care and medical facilities to choose from including Hospital de San Lazaro, Dr. Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital, St. Jude Hospital, and Ospital ng Sampaloc. In addition to these health care and medical facilities, there are also a variety of commercial establishments that are ready to facilitate your shopping and retail needs. Divisoria is one such example. This is the ultimate go-to for your shopping needs in Metro Manila. But if you want a shopping experience that is more convenient and hassle-free, you can go to SM City San Lazaro, SM Manila, Ever Gotesco, or Isetann. 

Since this is a central area in Manila, San Lazaro is also filled with many public transportation options. For the commuters who choose to live in Avida Towers San Lazaro, you will have a few options for public transport that is most convenient for you so you can get around easily. Meanwhile, the location of the condominium complex is also near major roads and highways, such as Felix Huertas Road, Rizal Avenue and Antipolo Street. This should make it convenient to travel from one point to another.

Schools / Institutes :

  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  • Centro Escolar University
  • Far Eastern University
  • Mapua Institute of Technology
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • University of the East
  • San Beda College

Hospitals / Medical Centers :

  • Dr. Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital
  • Metropolitan Hospital
  • St. Jude Hospital
  • San Lazaro Hospital
  • Madonna Maternity Hospital
  • Hospital of Infant Jesus
  • University of Santo Tomas Hospital
  • Ospital ng Sampaloc

Churches :

  • San Sebastian Church
  • Central United Methodist Church
  • St. Jude
  • San Agustin
  • U.S.T. Chapel
  • Manila Cathedral
  • Manila Chinese Baptist Church

Government Establishments :

  • Manila City Hall
  • Malacañang Palace

Commercial Establishments :

  • Divisoria
  • Ever Gotesco
  • Isetann
  • SM Manila
  • SM San Lazaro
Avida Towers San Lazaro Location

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